Homemade Display Panels

For Sale: Homemade 7’ Knockdown “ProPanels” Display Panels in Black

Pick up in Tallahassee, Florida: $850 cash.

Excellent condition, only used in about a half dozen shows. I have only used velcro hooks with this setup, no pins.

Homemade with conduit, wood, insulation sheets, and outdoor carpet.

Makes 105” walls designed to fit within a 10’ x 10’ tent.

11 26” wide panels + 1 36” wide French wall.

Each panel is 84” tall with 80” of carpeted height and is about 1-1/4” thick.

When knocked down, the bottom half is about 48” tall, including the connector posts, and the top half is about 42” tall.

Rear doorway is on left-hand side, the French wall is in front of the doorway.

4 conduit support bars attach at the top.

Adjustable pipe clamps secure together the panels at the top and bottom.

Black rubber feet are on the bottom of panels and on most of the tops (where there aren’t support bars).

Back sides of panels (outer sides) have a seam. The back of one panel has a couple indentions (pictured).