Scouting at Lake Jackson in Tallahassee, Florida

By: Scott Holstein

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Landscape photography of a dragonfly at sunset over Lake Jackson in Tallahassee, shot with an iPhone.
IPhone photo of a dragonfly at sunset at Lake Jackson in Tallahassee, Florida. Contact me to license this image.

A few evenings ago I was scouting a location for an upcoming photo shoot. I had already scouted a half dozen locations, none of which were really working for me. This particular evening I was scouting at Lake Jackson in Tallahassee, Florida. I had been to this particular spot before but I really didn’t think it would be ideal for this shoot. I was wrong. This spot had water that was the right depth, it had some nice vegetation to work with, and best of all, it had a great view of sunset. In fact, the sunset was so amazing that evening, I was kicking myself for not scheduling the shoot then! Here is some iPhone landscape photography I did while scouting at Lake Jackson, wading around and checking out the angles. If you enjoy these images, check out my Florida landscape photography.

Update: This is Rambo parody is the photo shoot I was scouting for.

The sun shines behind a water lily at Lake Jackson in Tallahassee in this iPhone photo.
IPhone photography of a water lily at sunset at Lake Jackson in Tallahassee, Florida.
A landscape iPhone photo of a vibrant, yellow sunset over Lake Jackson in Florida.
Landscape iPhone photo of Lake Jackson in Florida at sunset.
Photograph of a blue dusk after sunset at Lake Jackson in Tallahassee, Florida.
Dusk at Lake Jackson in Tallahassee, Florida.

6 Replies to “Scouting at Lake Jackson in Tallahassee, Florida”

Yay…You updated your site! Getting photos like this, on an iPhone, shows the level of you possess. You are a truly talent photographer.

Beautiful shots. Keep up the good work —

I agree with Amy. Those shots you took with your iPhone are amazing!!

Lake Jackson is one of about eighty something aquatic preserves in Florida. It is a jewel of an ecosystem.

I enjoyed your documentary on how you took the lady and the looney (just jesting) in the swamp. Quite an imaginative set up and shot.

Thanks, Jerry! The iPhone 4 camera works great as long as it isn’t low light or action. I wish it allowed for manual control over the settings but as a P&S I always have on me, anyway, I can’t complain.

Beautiful.. Sunsets are amazing… I just love that time of the evening…. I am also impressed at the iphone photos… the dragonfly mostly! I can hardly get those with a regular camera and you got it with your iphone! Fantastic!! I must say the phone companies sure got something right with the phones on these cameras! I have a Kin TwoM and it has a 10 megapix camera!! not great on zoom or action.. or low light BUT 10 Megapix in my pocket?! I don’t care what other features it had I was sold! LOL to have a ‘camera’ with me everwhere… not thats modern tec working for us LOL Keep up the great work with the pics!

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