Miller Landing Road 4: A Canopy Road in Tallahassee

Miller Landing Road is a canopy road in Tallahassee that leads to Miller Landing on Lake Jackson.

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The Making of the Image, Miller Landing Road 4

Miller Landing Road is a picturesque canopy road in Tallahassee. It's a fairly common destination for me, as I've scouted at and created a narrative photograph at Miller Landing on Lake Jackson. I've photographed both landscapes in Phipps Park and action shots of the horses at the horse trials held in the park. I've also taken some landscapes of Miller Landing Road, though outside of the summer season. I wanted to take some photographs of the road while the trees were at their most luscious.

One day, after it had rained, I did just that. I parked and walked Miller Landing Road, photographing along the way. I created a bit of a series of images of the canopy road.

In the landscape photograph, Miller Landing Road 4, the canopy road meanders beneath trees draped in Spanish moss and covered in resurrection ferns. The overall scene is green and lush.

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Miller Landing Road, A Canopy Road in Tallahassee

Miller Landing Road is a canopy road in Tallahassee, Florida. It is on the north side of Tallahassee in Leon County and runs mostly east-west from North Meridian Road on the east end. Its western terminus dead-ends at Miller Landing on Lake Jackson. The north side of the road is undeveloped and a large portion of the southern side of the road is also undeveloped.

A section of Miller Landing Road borders 670-acre Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park, home of the Red Hills Horse Trials. Another section of the road borders homes on the shore of Lake Jackson.

Miller Landing Road is paved and somewhat more highly-traveled than the unpaved canopy roads in Tallahassee, with most traffic being from the residential areas along the road or from visitors to either the landing or the park.

This canopy road in Tallahassee features a unique canopy of numerous skinny trees, covered in resurrection ferns and draped in Spanish moss, that overhang the roadway.

Miller Landing (also called Millers Landing) has a boat ramp and is a popular sunset viewing destination, as the landing looks west across Lake Jackson.

Lake Jackson

Lake Jackson is a 4,000 acre, shallow lake, with an average depth of around six feet. The lake is deeper in the two major sinkholes it contains - Porter Sink and Lime Sink. A unique feature of the lake is that it occasionally drains into the Floridan aquifer via these sinkholes, dramatically lowering the water level.

Lake Jackson is a popular fishing lake and it is a Designated Florida Paddling Trail.

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