North Meridian Road Azaleas

Large, blooming azaleas decorate North Meridian Road, one of the Tallahassee canopy roads.

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More Information About This Image:

The Making of the Image, North Meridian Road Azaleas

While taking the backroads returning to Tallahassee from south Georgia, I noticed this grouping of large azalea bushes in bloom just off of North Meridian Road. I noted the location and returned another day at the appropriate time to make some landscape photographs, working up and down along the sides of the road until I found the best composition.

In the final image, a multitude of pinkish azalea blossoms decorate the side of North Meridian Road as it rolls over hills and off into the distance, beneath the yellows and greens of the spring tree canopy.

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North Meridian Road, A Canopy Road in Tallahassee

North Meridian Road (Florida State Road 155/Leon County Road 155) is a 17-mile-long canopy road in Tallahassee, Florida. It is on the north side of Tallahassee and Leon County and runs mostly north-south from the intersection of Thomasville Road and 7th Avenue in midtown Tallahassee on its southern end. Its northern terminus is at the Georgia state line, where it continues on as Meridian Road/Georgia 322. The northern end of the road skirts around the edge of Lake Iamonia and passes through Meridian, an incorporated community that began as a gathering place for the areas plantations.

North Meridian Road is paved and more highly-traveled than the unpaved canopy roads in Tallahassee. It is a very scenic drive, from urban-scenic to rural-scenic.