Old Centerville Road 1: Red Dirt Road Under Flowering Dogwood

A flowering dogwood hangs over Old Centerville Road, a red dirt road in Tallahassee, Florida.

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The Making of the Image, Old Centerville Road 1

In the springtime, I would load the dog in the car and just travel Tallahassee’s backroads, looking for photo locations along the many canopy roads. I stumbled upon this stretch of road with the blooming dogwood one evening and stopped to work the scene.

In the final image, a stretch of the red dirt road meanders along beneath the contrast of the green canopy before disappearing over a knoll. The small, white blossoms of a flowering dogwood partially frame the peaceful scene.

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Old Centerville Road, A Red Dirt Road in Tallahassee

Old Centerville Road is a scenic road northeast of Tallahassee in Leon County, Florida. Part of Old Centerville Road is paved but it is mostly a red dirt road. The road runs mostly north-south from Centerville/Moccasin Gap in Felkel (near Bradley’s Country Store) on the southern end to the Georgia state line at the northern end. It continues into Georgia as Springhill Road.

The majority of Old Centerville Road is a rural and scenic drive, passing through the area’s plantation lands. It can be paired with Sunny Hill Road, which comes out at Thomasville Road at Iamonia, to create a loop drive, instead of continuing on into Georgia.

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