Southern Live Oaks on Miccosukee Road in Tallahassee, Florida

Large southern live oaks tower over Miccosukee Road in Tallahassee, Florida, creating a canopy over the road.

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The Making of the Image, Southern Live Oaks on Miccosukee Road

Miccosukee Road is one of the roads I regularly travel, and it’s always a beautiful drive. It is one of my favorite local roads.

In the late spring, the tree canopy over Miccosukee Road has again filled out to and the yellows and various greens of the new growth in the early spring have become a uniform green.

While driving, I noted several areas that caught my eye, including these massive southern live oak trees next to the Miccosukee Land Co-op. One day, I parked and explored the area, searching for a good composition, while keeping an eye out for traffic.

In the final image, Miccosukee Road meanders along beneath the huge southern live oaks that make up part of its tree canopy.

Miccosukee Road, A Canopy Road

Miccosukee Road is an officially designated canopy road in Tallahassee, Florida. It runs northeast/southwest from North Meridian Road by East Tennesee Street/Highway 90 near downtown Tallahassee to Moccasin Gap Road/Highway 142 in the historic community of Miccosukee, Florida.

Miccosukee Road is paved and more highly-traveled than the unpaved canopy roads. Despite the road being paved, there are still high clay banks in places, a testament to the road’s history. Some places have a ditch on the side of the road for water mitigation. There are no emergency lanes; the road and the shoulder are fairly narrow in places.

From Fleischmann Road all the way to Crump Road, the Miccosukee Greenway parallels Miccosukee Road. The Miccosukee Greenway has a footpath/bike trail/horseback riding trail along its length. The trail crosses Miccosukee Road several times.

Miccosukee Road was originally a Native American footpath and eventually became a route for plantations in the area to transport their cotton to market.

Miccosukee, Florida - Former Capital of the State of Muskogee

Miccosukee Road leads to Miccosukee, Florida at its northeast terminus. Miccosukee is a historical community that was once a major center of the Miccosukee tribe of Native Americans (part of the Seminole nation). At one time, it was the capital of the short-lived State of Muskogee.

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