Small Business Photography

Tallahassee Dance Studio

I completed a small business photography project to be used in advertising and marketing campaigns by Sharon Davis School of Dance, a Tallahassee dance studio that teaches traditional dance, such as ballet, tap, and jazz.

Small business photography at a Tallahassee dance studio

This commercial photography project included:

Environmental Portraiture on Location:

During the initial discussion about the project, I suggested including some environmental portraits on location that featured Tallahassee’s natural beauty – landscape pictures that were juxtaposed with the unexpected presence of ballerinas. The client was on board so I conceptualized the images, scouted and discovered the locations, and brought the images to fruition thanks to the industrious models.

Studio Portraits:

For the studio portraits, I set up my mobile photo studio on location at the dance studio. The dancers were then able to pose in the familiar space.

Illustrative Images:

I also did a variety of environmental images within the studio space to show off the space and to illustrate on the website the various dance styles taught at the school.

Commercial use of the images:

The images were used as fine art prints for wall decor in the studio, they were used in print advertisements in newspapers and magazines, and they were used for marketing, including on the website and social media.

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