Commercial Photography

As a commercial photographer, my goal is to help grow your business with professional commercial photography that visually conveys your brand’s message to your target audience, whether it be through your company’s marketing materials or advertising campaigns.

What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography is more about how images are used versus the subject matter. Simply put, it is the creation of imagery that is used to promote a business, person, product, or service.

This article on Fstoppers provides several definitions by photographers in their own words.

Types of Commercial Photography

Some types include:

  • Advertising Photography - the images are used on space bought from a third-party, such as a print ad in a magazine, or a billboard.
  • Marketing Photography - the images are used on space owned by the promoting business (company website, brochure, etc).

Commercial Photography Examples

Case studies

Hospitality photography of a woman in a floppy hat with a drink at a beach resort overlooking the water.

Hospitality Photography

Beach Resort

This wide-ranging hospitality photography project included food, architecture, and lifestyle photography, as well as environmental portraiture, for a beach resort's marketing and advertising campaigns.

Small Business Photography

Dance Studio

I created small business photography, utilizing both studio portraits and portraits on location of dancers, for a dance studio's marketing and advertising campaigns and for wall art to decorate the lobby.

Small business photography for a dance studio: A ballerina in a tutu poses en pointe on a canopy road.
Higher education photography for a medical school: A medical student laughs during his graduation ceremony.

Higher Education Photography

Medical School

I produced an image catalog of higher education photography for a medical school to meet imagery needs for marketing purposes that included a mix of lifestyle photography, environmental portraits, and landscape/architecture photography of the campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between editorial and commercial photography?

The difference is in the usage of the images. Editorial photography is typically used to illustrate a story or article in a newspaper, magazine, or book. Commercial photography is used to promote and sell a product or service. The same image can fall under both categories of photography.

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