Portrait Photography

While I do a lot of different types of photography, portrait photography is my specialty. I love being on location and either photographing people in their environments or setting up my mobile studio to take their portraits on a backdrop.

Regardless of what type of portraits I am creating, I can set up flash lighting to either complement or to overpower the natural light to make my subjects look their best without having to wait for the sun to cooperate.

My portraiture can be used commercially for marketing and advertising, it can be used editorially for magazines or books, and it can be used personally for home decor prints and personal social media.

Portrait Photography Services

Studio portrait photography sample featuring a woman with natural hair on a white background.

Studio Portraits

My studio portraits look like they were taken at a portrait studio, however, they were all shot on location with my mobile photo studio. I can either set up a backdrop or use an existing wall at the location as the background to make the subject stand out.

Environmental Portraits

My environmental portraits incorporate the subject's environment to help tell their story, which adds a compelling layer to the images that studio portraits do not have.

Environmental portrait photography sample featuring a roller derby girl passionately yelling on location in front of a graffiti wall.
Narrative portrait photography sample featuring a detective in a fedora lighting a cigarette.

Narrative Photography

My narrative photography gallery includes my creative photography that doesn't necessarily fit into my other galleries. These images are intended to tell a story, to illustrate a concept, or to simply provide a creative outlet for me.

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