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Medical School

I created higher education photography for the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine medical school, located in Lewisburg. This multi-trip project was rather all-encompassing with the goal of both covering timely events and creating an image library from which the marketing and communications department could source images as needed for various promotional efforts.

The medical school project included:

Studio Portraits:

Portraiture of staff and administrators done in a small studio space on campus.

Environmental Portraits:

On-location portraiture of staff and administrators that incorporated scenes throughout the campus, both indoors and outdoors.

Lifestyle Photography:

Photos of medical students going about their daily lives both around campus and in classrooms and hands-on labs (such as the Osteopathic Manual Manipulation lab).

Produced Scenes:

Produced marketing photography of students in various learning scenarios, including with state-of-the-art, humanoid, medical training robots.

Architecture Photography:

Various shots of signage and buildings throughout campus.

Event Photography:

Documenting events on campus, including alumni gatherings and graduation an white coat ceremonies, and off-campus, including a formal event held at the Greenbrier Resort in nearby White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

Travel Photography:

Travel photos of the town of Lewisburg and the Greenbrier Valley region to visually convey the medical school’s setting.

How the commercial photography was used:

These images showcasing higher education photography at a medical school were used for print and web marketing collateral, including the school's magazine, WVSOM, and website.

Higher Education Photography Gallery

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