Sunset Sailboat 1: Sailing at Sunset off the Beach in Venice, Florida

A sailboat sails during a vibrant sunset just off the beach in Venice, Florida.

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More Information About This Image:

The Making of the Sunset Sailboat 1 Image

One evening while visiting family, the sunset was shaping up to be interesting. I grabbed the camera to do some landscape photography of the sunset at the beach in Venice, Florida. The sky was fairly cloudy, and as the sun set, it gave the clouds some nice color. After the sun dipped below the horizon, though, the sunset kept getting better. Although already set, the sun was still lighting the clouds in the west and we got a very vibrant, colorful sky and reflection off of the water. It became one of those amazing sunsets that only come around every once in awhile. To top it off, a sailboat sat offshore, giving me a small focal point in the scene.