Alaqua Animal Refuge Featured in TV Series on Nat Geo Wild

Posted by Scott Holstein on April 3, 2018 in On Assignment, Photography Tips

Alaqua Animal Refuge and its founder, Laurie Hood, will be featured in a new television series on National Geographic’s network, Nat Geo Wild, along with Walton County Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Investigator Breezy Adkinson. The series, “Animal PD,” premieres on April 14th at 9:00PM. Read more about the show in the Northwest Florida Daily News.

About the photo:
Placing the subjects in the shade gave me easier control over the lighting than if they were in direct sunlight. A large octa softbox at camera-right provided a soft boost of light. If no shade is available, sometimes a large softbox can both shade and light the subject.

A daub of peanut butter on Laurie’s cheek was intended to help create a moment with the puppies. However, they ignored the treat, causing my trick to fall flat. Luckily, Laurie did what she does – she loved on the animals, creating the moment that makes the photo.

See how my peanut butter trick redeemed itself on my photoshoot with quarterback Christian Ponder and his dog Dallas.


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  1. Jeanette
    April 23, 2018

    I watched this show because I grew up in the area. Some of the things filmed were ridiculous. You don’t get beans out of a boy horse by just running a hose up the sheath. Breezy needs to study up some on equines. And trying to load that horse so close to a wire fence. Then the second show they talked about freezing temps, but while driving the trees were in full leaf.

    Please if going to put information out for the uneducated public, make sure it’s kinda half way correct

    • Scott Holstein
      May 26, 2018

      Hi Jeanette,

      Thank you for your comment. However, I am not associated with the production – I am a portrait photographer who photographed Laurie Hood for Emerald Coast magazine when she first opened Alaqua Animal Refuge. If you have feedback for “Animal PD,” you may want to write to Nat Geo Wild.



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