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Tallahassee photography of a detective lighting a cigarette at night in a dramatic portrait created by Florida commercial photographer Scott Holstein.

Hiding the Light Source

By Scott Holstein on August 19, 2015

I’ve previously written about how to have flashes visible within the frame. In this post, I’ll discuss how I hid my main light within the frame. This image was shot in downtown Tallahassee, Florida, using traffic lights and other street lights to form the background. These lights are turned into glowing globes by using a …

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Portrait of Florida Governor Rick Scott in front of the mansion by Tallahassee photographer Scott Holstein.

Portraits of Florida Governor Rick Scott

By Scott Holstein on March 19, 2014

When 850 business magazine was launched in 2008, I photographed then-Florida Governor Charlie Crist in his office at the Capitol in Tallahassee for the cover of the inaugural issue. As the magazine recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, I had the opportunity to photograph current Florida Gov. Rick Scott on location at the Governor’s Mansion for …

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Photo of cat feeding time at Caboodle Ranch in Florida by editorial photographer Scott Holstein.

Caboodle Ranch for Cats in Florida

By Scott Holstein on November 5, 2013

Out in Madison County, near a place called Lee, Florida, lived a man with 500 cats. Craig Grant loved cats so much that he bought 30 acres of rural property and opened Caboodle Ranch, a safe haven for unwanted felines. Feral cats, stray cats, abandoned cats, unwanted cats, shelter cats who would otherwise be put …

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Creative photography of a warrior woman emerging from the water while firing a machine gun.

Warrior Woman with Machine Gun – Rambo Parody

By Scott Holstein on June 25, 2012

"Rambabe" is my latest personal project, done just for kicks as a creative recharge. It is, of course, inspired by the Rambo movies; I own the '80s trilogy. While watching it one day I decided it would be fun to make creative images that change it up a bit and have a beautiful, tough woman …

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Photo of two cave divers floating in a sinkhole, created using a cheap underwater camera housing.

Photography Tips: The Poor Man’s Underwater Camera Housing

By Scott Holstein on October 5, 2011

The Tallahassee, Florida region lays claim to a unique topographical feature - the Woodville Karst Plain. The karst plain is made of irregular limestone and underground water channels which are tied into the Floridan Aquifer. The Woodville Karst Plain is home to first magnitude springs, sinkholes, and the longest underwater cave system in the United …

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Landscape photography of a dragonfly at sunset over Lake Jackson in Tallahassee, shot with an iPhone.

Scouting at Lake Jackson in Tallahassee, Florida

By Scott Holstein on July 26, 2011

A few evenings ago I was scouting a location for an upcoming photo shoot. I had already scouted a half dozen locations, none of which were really working for me. This particular evening I headed to Lake Jackson, which is on the north side of Tallahassee, Florida. I had been to this particular spot before …

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